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Industrial Concretes

Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC) is used as the binder in many high performance specialty concretes for floors and surfaces in extreme industrial environments.  Ready-mix concrete trucks or site-mixers are typically used for batching and set retarding admixtures are added to extend working times for placement.

CAC concretes are routinely specified by engineering firms and end users for industrial applications involving high temperature (up to 2,000°F), mechanical abuse, heavy abrasion, mild corrosion (pH > 3.5) and 24-hour return-to-service.  As compared with ordinary Portland cement concretes, as well as many specialty products, CAC concretes can eliminate costly routine repairs and provide the long-term durability necessary to withstand the toughest combinations in these service environments.

Based on approval by a certified Professional Engineer, concretes containing calcium aluminate cement can also be used for structural applications as well.  Suitable aggregate selection is the key to long-term performance of CAC concretes and must be selected based on the intended service environment for the specific application.

Manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality system, Kerneos Inc. offers two main products for the civil applications market.

Fondag® is a pre-blended, high strength, heat resistant concrete that is 100% calcium aluminate.  Its unique characteristics are achieved by combining hard, dense, non-porous calcium aluminate aggregates with cement manufactured by Kerneos™.  This combination produces a dense refractory concrete capable of withstanding violent thermal cycling, mechanical abuse, temperatures up to 2000°F, and heavy abrasion.

Secar® 41 cement provides high early strength when selected as the binder for specific ready-mix concrete applications.  This type of CAC concrete can provide return-to-service in 24 hours and due to its rapid hardening characteristics and can also be coated within 48 hours.  Consult Kerneos™ for more information regarding aggregate selection and mix design recommendations for your specific project.
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