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Calcium aluminate cement is becoming the binder of choice for refractory formulators as the properties of monolithic refractories approach, and in some cases surpass, the properties of refractory bricks.  The flexibility a formulator has when working with calcium aluminate cement has allowed refractory castable technology to grow from simple conventional gun mixes and castables to formulations and installation systems that have significantly enhanced the refractory formulators offer of longer lasting, lower cost refractories.

Monolithic refractory technology has grown to include calcium aluminate cements in many products with enhanced properties and installation systems such as low cement, ultra low cement, low moisture, high density, self flowing, pumpable and formless (shotcrete) castables.

Kerneos™ offers the full range of calcium aluminate cement, allowing the refractory formulator to benefit from formulation strategies designed to maximize the cost / benefit ratio.  In North America, Kerneos™ manufactures six refractory cements with alumina content (purity level) ranging from 40% to 80%.  All of these cements offer the refractory formulator a high level of the calcium aluminate (CA) phase, well known for flowability and rapid strength gain.

Ciment Fondu®:  The worlds first commercially manufactured calcium aluminate cement patented by J. Bied of Lafarge in 1908.  Originally designed for sulfate resistance, the refractory properties of this cement are well known.  Its composition of 40% alumina and 15% total iron provides cost effective performance for refractory formulators and lends itself well to applications where the more reactive nature of Fondu® is required.  The clinker is manufactured at a separate production facility and ground to 4,000cm 2/g at our Chesapeake, VA plant.

Secar® 41:  Increasing the purity of the raw materials used for Fondu® boosts the alumina content to 48% and lowers the total iron oxide content to 7% to form a more pure variation of clinker (cement).  This cement is widely used as the binder in monolithics targeted for lower temperatures including gunning mixes and castables.

Secar® 51:  Using higher quality raw materials produces a clinker with 52% alumina and <3% total iron.  This light gray cement is chosen by formulators for its low iron content and enhanced rheological characteristics to create cost effective castables and gun mixes.

Secar® 71:  Sintering high purity alumina and lime in our kiln in Chesapeake, VA to form principally calcium aluminate (CA) phases produces the clinker of our most versatile and pure cement.  Rigorous process control creates a very consistent balance of phases within the cement to provide rheological characteristics that the refractory industry has come to depend on.  At 70% alumina and 30% lime this cement is the most pure calcium aluminate cement we manufacture today.  No admixtures or additional alumina assures that the formulator receives only hydraulic calcium aluminate phases.

Secar® 80:  Formulated cement blend manufactured by mixing Calcium Aluminate clinker and alumina to arrive at a final 80% alumina. A proprietary admixture system is included to control the deflocculation and setting characteristics of this cement.  The admixture system provides long working times and low water demand while retaining early mechanical strength.  Additional admixtures can be used to modify this cement for gunning applications.  Because of its very high refractoriness (PCE = 1,780°C or 3,235°F) it is often used as the principal component in the binder system in high alumina conventional gunning and casting mixes.

Secar® Plenium : A hydraulic binder with an alumina content of approximately 80%. It is suitable for use in a wide range of refractory applications and it simplifies the castable development process by reducing the number of additives required in a formulation. In addition, SECAR Plenium reduces production complexities with fewer components and improves placing performance. Secar Plenium is an engineered and innovative cement which provides advanced built-in formulation technology. It is optomised for use in conjunction with a wide variety of aggregate types. It is particularly recommended for high purity castable systems, such as alumina rich systems, with and without fume silica and castables containing magnesia and spinel.

REFPAC 100: Part of Kerneos’ Active Compounds portfolio, is a specifically-designed water-reducing deflocculant for silica fume containing castable products. REFPAC100, when used with bauxite, andalusite, calcined alumino-silicate and chamotte aggregates as well as many newly-available recycled materials, has been shown to give outstanding all-around performance in a wide range of environmental conditions. This multi-component admixture acts to control the dissolution rate and setting time of the calcium aluminate cement in the system to give consistent, reliable installation characteristics while simultaneously accounting for variation found in many modern day raw materials.

REFPAC 200: A multicomponent active compound designed to be used in conjunction with calcium-aluminate cements in
refractory applications. This new generation of fluidifying agent was specifically developed for low to ultra-low cement, alumina and alumia-spinel/magnesia castables. REFPAC 200 provides characteristics ideally suited for refractory applications where excellent rheological properties are required at very low water additions. By providing improved flow at lower water demands, REFPAC 200 ensures optimal castable performance in-situ."

CMA 72 : A unique multi-component calcium-magnesium-aluminate binder obtained by reaction sintering. CMA 72 provides a novel and flexible formulation approach for both pre-formed and in-situ alumina-magnesia castable systems. CMA 72 demonstrates synergetic effects when mixed with Peramin AL 200/3000 to develop dense structures with low water demand, high flow and easy placing properties.

Peramin : A subsidiary of Kerneos and helps formulators to improve and to master key application and performance properties of the most sophisticated hydraulic binders. Peramin products were originally focused additives for the construction industry. However, since becoming part of Kerneos in 2008, several Peramin products have been optimized to function particularly well in Refractory formulations. Please visit or for more information.

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