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Ternal® NT


TERNAL® NT is a new family calcium aluminate based Portland cement accelerators which allow for simple, one component acceleration and property enhancement of Portland cement (PC) based mortars and concretes. Faster set, early strength and shrinkage compensation are all possible with substitutions of PC from 5 - 35% depending on how much property enhancement you would like to see.

There are two versions of Ternal NT available, a lower cost lower performance one (NT 203) and a higher cost, higher performance one (NT 204). For low substitution rates and less demanding performance, like 30 minute set time and enhanced 6 hour strengths, Ternal NT 203 is the one to choose. For more demanding applications, like 3,000 psi in 3 hours, Ternal NT 204 is the preferred solution.

TERNAL® NT contains Calcium Aluminate Cement, Calcium Sulfate and select admixtures to produce a one component, easy to use PC accelerator. It is designed to accelerate a wide variety of Portland cements. It is known that Portland cements can contain varying amounts of free lime, alkalis and also can be optionally sulfated with gypsum, hemi-hydrate, anhydrite or various proportions of these sulfates. All of these variables have been taken into account during the TERNAL NT product design so that quick hardening profiles are easily achieved when combining TERNAL NT with a wide range of Portland cements without compromizing the long term strength and durability. Portland cements with a low amount of clinker (high addition rate of slag, fly ash, etc.) will produce lower strength performance than traditional production. ASTM Type I/II cements typically provide the best results. Each Portland cement will exhibit a unique profile of acceleration performance and substituting one type of Portland cement with another in well balanced formula may require reformulation.

TERNAL® NT binders are compatible with all types of Portland cement, fillers and all current types of polymers and organic additives. TERNAL NT binders are suitable for use in products like fast setting repair mortars and concretes. It is also possible to formulate a wide range of applications such as self leveling compounds, anchoring mortars and non shrink grouts. TERNAL NT is a non chloride accelerator. TERNAL NT does not contain crystalline silica. TERNAL NT does not contain Lithium compounds.

Product Data Sheet - NT 203
Product Data Sheet - NT 204
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) - NT 203
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) - NT 204

All product data sheets and material safety data sheets are provided below in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). To view these documents, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader; if you do not have it, follow the link below to download a copy.

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