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Ternal® W

Ternal® W joins Kerneos' family of binders designed specifically for the construction product or building chemistry formulator that is concerned with color.

Ternal® W is the binder of choice for formulating all types mortars and grouts where color is important. Manufactured in Chesapeake, VA, USA, Le Teil, France, West Thurrock, England, and Tianjin, China, construction product formulators can rely on this consistent product for production anywhere in the world.

Ternal® W cement produced in Chesapeake, VA is a high purity, white, calcium aluminate cement. No admixtures or alumina additions are present. The clinker for this cement is prepared by solid state reaction under mineralogical control. The sintered clinker is then ground to 4,000cm 2/g Blaine surface area.

Ternal® W cement is a hydraulic binder with an alumina content of approximately 70%. Composed almost entirely of calcium aluminate phases, Ternal W� is white in color and comes with specifications on this whiteness inlcuding an L*, a, and b color measurement and range. With the accompanying specifications on minerology geared toward building products' needs, formulators can rest assured that the consistency of both color and reactivity of Ternal W� can serve as a cornerstone for ceramic tile adhesive, grout, leveling, stucco, and mineral render products.

Ternal® W is available packaged in 50 lb. bags or 3,000-lb. SuperSacks.

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