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Wastewater Infrastructure

Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC) and mortar has been used for over seventy years in the wastewater industry to provide protection against Biogenic Corrosion for manholes, wet wells, lift stations, piping networks and other wastewater structures, including wastewater treatment plants. In North America, Kerneos™ has developed the SewperCoat® line of calcium aluminate mortars to meet the ever increasing needs of engineers working to repair our deteriorating wastewater infrastructure.

CAC mortars are often used to repair and coat new and old masonry structures. The CAC mortar is either spray applied via a low pressure, wet spray technique or via shotcrete (dry gunite) using skilled applicators. This thin lining results in a high-strength, corrosion resistant layer that also provides exceptional abrasion resistance. CAC mortars can also be applied centrifugally and this method is common in the marketplace for lining pipe.

Owners, contractors and engineers in this industry are constantly looking for a reliable product recognized for its performance in the harsh sewage environment.  Years of laboratory testing and successful field applications have led to the continued use of calcium aluminate products in this industry.
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